ALCP_14-10-2.jpgALCP_14-7206.jpgALCP_15_7115.jpgALCP_14-7509.jpgCadets at an ANZAC Day March in 1977. © Andrew Chapman PhotographyREMAX Balloon in Melbourne. © Andrew Chapman PhotographyGlobal Balloon at Lake George. © Andrew Chapman PhotographyMotorscooting in Italy. © Andrew Chapman PhotographyPrime Minister Paul Keating sharing tea on the campaign trail. © Andrew Chapman PhotographyShearers washing before lunch. © Andrew Chapman PhotographyTin mug and watertank. © Andrew Chapman PhotographyANZAC veteran at the ANZAC Day parade. © Andrew Chapman PhotographyThe Grampians. © Andrew Chapman PhotographyKim Beazley and Simon Crean. © Andrew Chapman PhotographyFarmer and hunter. © Andrew Chapman PhotographyDrought farmer. © Andrew Chapman PhotographyKalka Woolsheed SA. © Andrew Chapman Photography
Andrew’s subjects have ranged from Prime Ministers to heroin dealers, celebrities to sheep.

Andrew has a passion for rural life, ordinary folk as well as a love of the Australian bush. His work has been widely exhibited and he has published seven books.

 Andrew says he’s always wanted to do more than create pretty pictures. “I want to leave a visual record that people can rely on,” he says. “Maybe some of the shots could have looked better, but I don’t put things in before I photograph and I don’t take things out with Photoshop. To make a shot visually appealing, I just have to be sure to get it right in the first place.” – Outback Magazine

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Andrew’s books including Political Vision, The Long Paddock and The Shearers can be purchased from the Book Shop.

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