Andrew’s Books

Andrew’s books show a deep love and respect for Australian history, culture and architecture. His passion for the Australian people and land is reflected in the incredible images he takes.

Andrew has published eight books including The Farm, Political Vision, The Long Paddock, Working Dogs, Around the Sheds, Woolsheds, Campaign (Out of print) and The Shearers.


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The Long Paddock

The Long Paddock, celebrates one of Australia's enduring rural traditions as drovers move cattle and sheep across the arid plains of western NSW and into Queensland. Photography by Andrew Chapman and words by Tim Lee.

Working Dogs

Working Dogs takes a look at the rural Australia's canine workers, those unflappable, enthusiastic, tireless workers of the Australian Bush. Photographs by Andrew Chapman and Melanie Faith Dove.
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Around The Sheds

A 25,000 kilometer roadtrip throughout every state, resulted in Around The Sheds.An intimate look at what goes on, in and around some of Australia's unique woodsheds.


A visual journey through the Australian woolshed. From the lushness of the Tasmanian landscape, through the arid backblocks of Queensland and Western Australia and onwards to the south eastern states, Woolsheds documents these architectural icons, many of them slowly fading to oblivion.

Political Vision

Australian Political life from 1971 - 2015

The Shearers

Down dusty tracks and along the riverbanks, baked by a ferocious summer sun and blown around by the cold winds, shearing sheds around Australia come to life when the shearers roll up for the season. The Shearers is a visual celebration of the men and women who work the sheds.

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