Andrew Chapman’s Photographs capture his love of documentary photojournalism & landscape photography.

Andrew’s passion for photography runs deep and wide which can be seen in the range of topics he covers.

“I fell in love with photography when I was 16. Photographers are extroverts in a sense and I didn’t want to pass on and just leave all the photos lying in drawers unseen.” – The Age, 2012

The photographs on this page come from a varied range of subjects including the 70’s and 80’s, Italy, hot air ballooning, the land, Melbourne and more.


The 70's and 80's

The early years of my photographic career. Carrying my camera with me everywhere and finding my feet as a photographer
BRITT copy2d.jpg

Hot Air Ballooning

A selection of images from the more than 200 flights I have made. A special thanks to all the crews at Global Ballooning, Balloon Flights Over Melbourne and Picture This Ballooning.


An assortment from the many images that I have shot over the years of Prime Ministers, Opposition Leaders and assorted hangers on who revolve around the political process.

The Shearers

A unique way of life. In 1975 I started to document the shearing industry, before it died out. Well, I'm glad to say it's still here today and as vibrant as ever.

The Land

Images from rural Australia. Whether it’s drought, flood or a bumper year, it’s country people’s resilience, humour and good grace that make photographing around the backblocks so special.

Recent Work

More than four decades of photography have not slowed my passion for my craft. Here is a selection of recent work.

Italian Visions

I’ve travelled to Italy three times over the years. I love the place. It’s a crazy mix of old world meets fashion and style. Here is a little of what I found.


Melbourne's been consistently voted one of the world's most liveable cities. I love the place and here are some of the reasons why.