Blast From The Past

c58-Pavarotti_9105_006w.jpgAnderson_Tull 01d.jpgHinch_93_01.jpgChas %26 Di d.jpgCliffy d.jpgHartnett01d.jpghird1.jpgKeith d.jpgHutch01d.jpgStewart Wood Final.jpgRussellD01d.jpgMagda Szubansky at Elwood home, Feb 1995Men_84_01.jpgPoliceX5d.jpgUS Environmental Activist, Ralph Nader, speaking at Melbourne University in July 1980Nelson Mandela d (1).jpgPaul_Kelly_94_01.jpgRoadknight 02d.jpgSpice_v2.jpg

Blast From The Past features images of celebrieties, performers, and other interesting people who have passed by my lens over the years, images salvaged from my neg files and hard drives, a re-awakening of memories from long ago.