‘The Shearers’ November 2006 by Lothian Press.

‘Campaign’, September 2007, by Tandem Publishing.

‘Woolsheds’, October 2011, by Five Mile Press

‘Around The Sheds’, November 2012, by Five Mile Press

‘Working Dogs’ 2013, by Five Mile Press

‘The Long Paddock’ 2014, Echo Publishing

‘Political Vision’ 2015 , Echo Publishing

‘The Farm’ 2016, Echo Publishing

‘Woolsheds Vol 2’, 2019 Ten Bag Press

Contributions to

‘Beyond Reasonable Drought’ 2009

‘Beyond Age’ 2010

‘Manangatang’ 2011. Ten Bag Press

‘Camperdown and It’s Cup’ 2014 Ten Bag Press

‘Just Like Family’ 2015

'Quilpie' 2017 Ten Bag Press

'They're Racing At Manangatang' 2018 Ten Bag Press

'The Mallee' 2020 Ten Bag Press

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